Envo is a South African streetwear brand founded by Wellington Nyanda. The name, an acronym for ‘Elements of Nature Violated by Owners’, sparks the brand identity and mission to simulate the cycle of life in nature through the relationship people have with fashion and creativity.


From releasing their first collection in 2016, they have grown to be a part of the music and creative ventures with collaborations with musicians and female designers. Envo expands its roots in the diverse and growing multi-disciplinary intersections in emerging genre’s such as Amapiano and new-age Kwaito throughout South Africa.


The brand aims to empower the ability for anyone to start from nothing and create, in part advocating for preservation of culture and the environment by emphasizing that you can only destroy what you have created, in their ongoing campaign ‘Make your own, Destroy your own.’


Aiming to bridge the gap between good and functional design across the multi-cultural backgrounds in South Africa the brand aims to take its pride in simplistic design as a means to unite, across borders and into future projects into the spaces of art, music and experiences.